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Class Schedule/Attendance


Madinatul Uloom follows the Arabic calendar for the academic year. Due to this, our school year begins from the month of Shawwal and ends on the month of Ramadan. Accordingly, our 2021/22 academic year will end in the month of April 2022, inshallah.


·      Class timings are Monday through Friday, _____ to _____, and Saturday, _____ to _____. 

·      Students must arrive five minutes before their scheduled time every day.

·     Any student who is late 10 days in each term may not be allowed to take that term’s exams.

      ·      If a student is absent, the parent must bring the Madinatul Uloom excuse form to the office the

             following day. Students will not be allowed to attend their class if this form is not submitted to the

                                     office by the parents. Absence without a valid excuse will not be tolerated.

·      Any student absent for a total of 10 school days may not be allowed to take the final exams.

·      Students will not be dismissed earlier than scheduled time without prior notice and a valid excuse 


·      Please arrange prompt pick-up for your children.

·      Picking-up and dropping off students is the guardian’s responsibility. 

·      Students who want to come to school and leave by themselves MUST have a permission letter signed by their guardian and the school administration. 

·      The school will not be held responsible for any student not picked up WITHIN 30 MINUTES of class dismissal.


Outer Appearance and Dress code


·      All students must dress according to the sunnah (silwar/qamees or thawb/jubba, preferably white, with a topee). 

·      Any student who reports to school dressed inappropriately will be sent home. 

·      Student appearance MUST be according to sunnah. Hair, nails, mustache, etc., should be cut properly. 

·      Student’s beards MUST be grown to one-fist length. Any student who shaves or cuts it less than a fist-length will be reprimanded, as it is haram in Islam and unacceptable in madrasah.  




·      Students are not allowed to bring any electronic devices to school, including smart watches. 

·      Any electronics brought to school will be confiscated immediately, to be returned at the end of the year. 

·      Cell phones brought for emergency purposes must be given to the designated teachers (only applies to Alim course students).   


Learning Material and Preparedness


  • Students must bring all the following supplies to school every day:


o   All books listed on the class schedule.

o   All required supplies (see Supplies List)

o   Mushaf/related books (for Hifz students)

  • Appropriate books for the Islamic studies period according to the class schedule (for Hifz students)


  • Appropriate books for the academic studies period according to the class schedule


  • Parents are requested to make sure that students have the correct learning material before they leave home every day.

Behavior and Conduct


·      Misbehavior and bad conduct will be dealt with very seriously. The administration reserves the right to execute all disciplinary actions, including expulsion.


·      The possession or use of any form of drugs, intoxicants, cigarettes, e-cigarettes, or any other substance will not be tolerated. The administration reserves the right to execute all disciplinary actions deemed necessary in case of any violation, including expulsion and the involvement of law enforcement authorities.


·      Students are NOT allowed to conduct transactions of any kind within the Madrasah premises.



·      Lunch/snack time is according to the student study schedule.

·      Lunch/snacks must be brought from home. Please ensure the student has a nutritious meal.

·      No student will be allowed to go outside the Madrasah premises to buy food or any other item.

·      No student will be allowed to share their food/snacks with anyone in the madrasa.


Homework Sheet


·      Homework must be completed every day.

·      For Hifz students:

o  Parents must sign the homework sheet every day.

  • Parents are strongly requested to check the student’s sabaq and manzil every night to ensure adequate progress 

Homework Submission and Detention Policy


  • For Alim Course students:


o All homework is due at the beginning of each period according to the class schedule.

·      For Hifz students:

o Sabaq (new lesson) is due at 8:30 am every day.

o Sabaq para is due at 9:30 am every day.

o Manzil is due at 11:00 am every day. 

o All Quran work must be submitted by 12:30pm. 

·      Any student who fails to submit their homework at its appropriate time will be subject to remain for detention after school until the missing work is completed. He may face additional repercussions determined by the instructor. 

Parents will receive a call at least one hour before the end of class if the student is subject to stay for detention and are expected to arrange his pick-up accordingly. 

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